Summer School 2012

13th - 15th July 2012 Delights and Discoveries

Images above from Jenny, Ruth, Cherrilyn and 2 from Sarah.

Tones of White with Jenny Adin-Christie

Using the whitework tonal scale as a means of creative expression. Discover the full spectrum of whitework techniques, from the most sculptural through to those which allow the fabric itself to be opened up to reveal the underneath colour. A hand stitch workshop.

Folded Secrets with Ruth Smith

Needlewomen in SW China make very decorative sewing booklets for their threads. The Folded Secrets are based on these, with 15 compartments using either a twist fold or star fold. The cover can be decorated in a variety of ways. Click on the image slideshow to see full size images.

Machined images for the Non Drawer with Cherrilyn Tyler

Using very simple ways to create your images, you will then transfer them onto a background of layered sheers and fine fabrics using a sewing

Cloth, Paper and Stitch with Sarah Welsby

Working with paper, sheers and a silk screen and a polymer medium create surfaces to embellish with stitch, either by hand or machine.