MORE Mini-Workshops and Talks by members


Jan ran a mini workshop based on Boro techniques

Making choices

Everything ready!

Examples of Boro work

..and Jacqui's practical use of Boro!

Work in progress

Some finished work


Lois ran a mini workshop teaching us how to do Bayeux stitch

Everything prepared for the workshop

Lovely illustrations and insprirations

Getting down to work

Finished work


Lesley led a mini-workshop on Gentlework

Lesley's examples of Gentlework

A lot of choices to be made

Finished work

..more decisions

Work in progress

Some finished work

More finished work


Everything ready

at the lantern making workshop at Christmas

Oops! Where did all the food go!

Jacqui Gave us a talk called

We hold several mini workshops throughout the year,

They are always very popular. many of them run by our own members.


Helen organised a Blackwork mini-workshop

Getting ready to work

Starting to stitch

Some examples of colourful 'blackwork'

Examples and specs at the ready

Useful instructions to help

A good start

Hard at work

More examples to try

A lighthouse with interesting stitches

to try