Programme and Workshops 2011-2012


November 13th 2011 Brenda Parsons Remembering 2

March 24th 2012 Janet Humphrey Perfume Delights

July 8th 2012 Margaret Shah Jewelled Splendour

Branch Meetings 10.30am to 3.30pm

September 10th 2011 Morning AGM Afternoon Sue Stone Woman with A Fish

October 15th Lynn Haith Going around in Circles

November 12th Morning Brenda Parsons talk Living the Dream

Afternoon Brenda Parsons mini workshop Remembering 1 stitched fabric Collage

December 10th Morning activity Birds of a Feather and Social Lunch

January 14th 2012 Morning Brenda Scarman talk A Delight in The Traditional

Afternoon mini workshop Elizabethan Embroidery

February 11th Morning Linda Westerman talk

Afternoon mini workshop Linda Westerman Hidden Treasures

March 3rd Morning Cathedral Project

Afternoon Group work Stained Glass Window

April 14th Mildred Higgins Day, Trade stands, Displays and Competition.

Lecture by Pauline Burbidge

May 12th Morning Preparing Cathedral Exhibits

Afternoon Vivienne Brown talk A magazine of my own, a look into the history of womens magazines

June 9th Morning submission of cathedral work

Afternoon talk Clifford Housley Servicemans embroidery from the past

July 7th Morning exhibition debrief

Afternoon Skills workshop

Exhibition June 25th to July 4th 2012

Cathedral Inspirations and Other Work by The Members of the Lincolnshire Embroiderers Guild

Lincoln Cathedral Chapter House, Monday to Saturday 10am to 4pm Sunday 1pm to 3pm