Chesterfield Library Project

Chesterfield Library Project

Four of the Derbyshire branches have been taking part in this project which is part of a larger project organised by Derbyshire County Council on the theme of "Made in Derbyshire". We made one of the panels. The four completed panels are now hanging in Chesterfield Library.

20 of our members have contributed towards the making of our panel.

If you're in Chesterfield, why not call into the Library and see the work by the four branches.

We were given the size of the finished piece, the wording that had to go on the piece and the fabric we had to use. We selected images that reflected out part of Derbyshire.Photograph: Work in progress laid out on the backing to see how things were going.

Over the Summer of 2015 members stitched "pictures" to go on our hanging of the Chesterfield Library Project. Members painted and photographed local features. These were then printed onto fabric using the computer. We all cursed the fabric we'd been given and complained how difficult it was to stitch on. But in spite of that, we've all completed our pieces on time.Photograph: The final stitch. Marie is triumphantly putting the final stitch into the hanging while Jenny holds it.

Photographs: Some of the larger images before they were stitched onto the backing fabric.

The pieces on the left show George Stephenson (who is buried in Chesterfield) and Queen's Park, Chesterfield. The pieces on the right show Chesterfield Market from the air, The Crooked Spire (Chesterfield) and Bolsover Castle.

Photograph left: The completed hanging before ironing and hanging up in Chesterfield Library.

Photograph above: Some of the small local pub signs that were used as space fillers on the hanging.

There are photographs of all the pieces and a bit about the background of the bigger pieces in one of our photograph albums which you can find in the Gallery.