Summer School 2016

Summer School 2016 - 8th, 9th and 10th of July,

has been held at Scalford Hall

Photos from the 2016 Summer School

Summer School is open to stitchers of all abilities, whether you are a complete beginner or have been stitching for more years than you care to remember.

The tutors were

Angie Hughes - Vanishing Worlds

This is a workshop on experimental textiles using natural materials such as bark, leaves and moss as inspiration. Students will learn how to use transfer paints on synthetic fabrics, experiment with dissolvable and soluble materials & study mixed media techniques. All of these will be used alongside machine & hand embroidery to create pieces of embroidery as heavily textured as we can make it.

Helen Richman – Stumpwork

You will learn the stitches & techniques used in the increasingly popular style of stump work to create a delicate assortment of 3D flowers, leaves, insects, butterflies & dragonflies to make a decorative wreath.These will be slowly built by applying the embroidery onto a small wooden frame, which has been wrapped in ribbon, fabric or thread.

Chris Gray – Treasured Memories You will be making tri-fold books and panels using treasured items/memories as a theme. You will use the tutor's vast range of resources of print blocks, screen inks etc to make a start on at least two books. Each page is worked as a small panel that can be mounted alone if you prefer. This is your opportunity to use all the interesting bits, photos and treasured purchased that you were going to use one day but never quite got round to it!