Summer School 2014

Summer School 2014 - 11th-13th July, was held at Scalford Hall, Melton Mowbray LE14 4UB

Dramatic Skies – Alison HoltThis course includes design, composition and perspective to create stunning images. These will be translated using silk painting and machine embroidery to stitch clouds in all their wonderful shapes and colours.

Kantha - a special way of sewing Dorothy Tucker This Indian method of quilting utilises many varieties of running stitch to produce stunning images blending worn and new fabrics to create an innovative piece of work.

Landscapes of the Imagination Sarah Burgess

Travelling through landscape we absorb colour, shape, line and mark both consciously and unconsciously. The ancient and the contemporary, the country and the city, collide and overlap in our imaginations.

Source material as the starting point for a series of mono-print sketches we will build accidental and intentional printed marks on experimental surfaces, complex paper and fabric prints incorporating text, stitch and mark can be layered, fabrics inserted, contrasts explored and shapes exaggerated to create a personal idea of landscape rather than a

specific place.