Derby Embroidery and Textiles Group

Fantastic news we have 71 members

We are a group of enthusiastic stitchers with varying experience who aim to have fun and to support and encourage each other in exploring stitches and textiles. We are open to both young and old, 8 years to 80+.

Our members enjoy a huge variety of textile activities, including Cross stitch, Kits and both traditional and modern embroidery techniques. Members work with all sorts of materials from metal to silk and all sorts of threads from Crochet to Crewel ( and everything in between) Some of us enjoy using Kits from embroidery suppliers and some of us create individual pieces in 2D and even 3D. Everyone with a needle is welcome.

Currently all face to face meetings are on hold, but:

We are Zooming!


We are please to announce that we have a full Programme booked through to May 2022

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To see our monthly stitch along 'Twinchies' - including a link to interesting and helpful videos click Here. A new stitch was released on the first of each month for 6 Months up to and including July 21

Coming Next

September 12th


The versatility of Felt.

Hannah is a textile artist who uses felting techniques with finished details in stitch to create quirky designs to provoke humour and make you smile.

Hannahs Webpage can be found by clicking here


We have an exciting future as an independent stitch group. Please click here to see the latest news and details

Under different circumstances we would meet at St Mary's Church Hall Derby and enjoy a day together, listening to a speaker and stitching together. Click here for a Google Map showing St Mary's Church Hall Derby


The Winner of the Hospital Heroes (Chair's Challenge 2020) Julie Tanner

Click here to see the other entries on our Competitions page

We enjoy working together on projects and have hosted a number of successful exhibitions. You can see the Celebrating the Industrial Heritage of Derbyshire one below which was displayed at our local hospital for over a year and will eventually find a permanent home in our local museum when it reopens.

Currently we are working on a number of exciting projects ranging from a simple exploration of a single stitche to large displays for the hospital to celebrate our 'Hospital Heroes'.

Project Florrie / Hospital Heroes (Chairs Challenge)

This years chairs challenge was entitled Hospital Heroes. The entries will be exhibited in the Royal Derby Hospital.

The hand in date was the end of January for the Chairs competition but many members are still working on pieces that will be exhibited at the hospital later in the year. Choosing a winner was incredibly difficult because the standard was so high and the entries were so very diverse. The talents and expertise demonstrated in all the entries is amazing. My thanks to everyone who send a piece for the challenge. The winner was taken from real life. A cleaner working in the hospital keeping everyone safe from the virus with his mop and cloths. The portrait had so much character and demonstrates the point that heroes in our hospitals are working in many diverse and critical roles to keep us all safe. Many thanks to Julie for creating the beautiful piece above.

Other Current Projects



Twinchies (Stitch Along for 2021

Spring is Sprung


Please click here to go to our Branch Projects page

This Month's message from our Chair, Eve

'It has been an exciting summer with quite a few outdoor events, an exhibition and an increase in membership numbers to 71.

In July and August we held chat and stitch meetings in Carol’s garden and Eves garden. All who attended seemed to have a great time. It was wonderful meeting friends face to face for the first time in a while.

In addition we held a picnic in the park at Allestree. We took food and flowers as well as green beans (!!) and in common with all the other out door events we had a sales table. The sales table managed to raise over £250. A Brilliant total to add to funds.

The Committee also met up outdoors and planned a very exciting program for the year ahead.

We are very keen to get back to some normality and meet in the hall but need to do it in a careful and safe way.

We also took part in the very successful Kickstart exhibition at Allestree. The church very kindly let us have their large hall to exhibit work. We had a lot of visitors and once again had a sales table which raised nearly £300.

The exhibition included our groups friendship circles, the hexagons on the theme of Emerging, the Royal Crown Derby thimble pieces and lots of individual members work.

At the September meeting we had a wonderful speaker in the morning. Hannah Dodd produces beautiful quirky felted designs.

She uses wet felt, needle felting and Nuno felting techniques and is clearly brilliant at all of them.

After the talk Margery and I dashed across to St Mary’s to set the hall up because this month we took the first steps and held a workshop in there. We had a small and select group of attendees.

Everyone wore masks while moving around, sanitised hands and tables and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

We worked out some of the technical difficulties and we will be able to zoom both the speaker and the workshops from the hall at some point. This will give members the choice of how they wish to attend group meetings. Watch this space.'

The Committee

Chair: Eve Cook

Secretary: Angela Matthews

Treasurer: Sandra James

Currently the Committee are meeting via Zoom

if you are a member and want to join us please email and our Chairwomen, Eve will get back to you.

Click here to find out more about Our Committee

Emerging as the Derby Embroidery and Textiles Group.

To celebrate our 'new beginning' we have a new branch project. Click here to go to the Emerging Projects page.


Now our Friendship circles are almost complete we have two new individual branch projects for members to enjoy alongside the larger Hospital Heroes and Thank you Medals projects (click the name above to view).

The first of these new projects, "Spring is Sprung" is a short project for the Spring season where members are making 3D flowers to display in their windows.

We are also running a monthly stitch along " Take one Stitch (or more commonly known as Twinchies where we explore one set stitch a month on a 2 inch square of fabric. This latter project will last a year and will enable members of all abilities to practice stitches in their own style whilst sharing expertise and ideas with other members.

More information on these and our other projects can be found on our Projects Pages. We will post our work on this page each month for you to enjoy.

Pictured below are some images of what we've been making this month. To View members work prior to April 2021 please click here to go to our Gallery.

Dee embroidered this Kingfisher for her brother in law's birthday card.

Dee: Kingfisher

Mary has made these beautiful mandala cards These designs were taken from the book 'Mandalas to Embroider', Mary has put her own 'spin' on the design.

Mary: Cards

Pat has been inspired by Anne’s “Sew4Soul” projects

Pat: Sew for Soul

Alison attended The Coral Reef and ‘Thank you’, workshops run by Zara Day. you can find out more about the workshops by clicking here to contact Zara.

Alison: Thank You and Coral Wreath

Jenny R was inspired by a carving in Italy, Colin the Rooster and the pictures in the book Crewel

Birds by Helen Blomkamp to create 'Dennis the Duck'. You can access this book by clicking here

Jenny R: Dennis the Duck

To View members work prior to April 2021 please click here to go to our Gallery.

Friendship Circles

Over the past 6 months we have individually made friendship circles. Later on these circles will be interlinked and will represent our friendship and support for each other during this period when we can't physically meet up.

To see some of our circles please click here.

To View members work prior to April 2021 please click here to go to our Gallery.