Programme and Workshops 2011-2012

Sept 15th 2011 Talk- Dawn Isaac 'Inspired by courses and Challenges'

October 20th 2011 Talk- Jenni Parry "Abundance of Braids and Bands"

Slides, talk and examples of work

November 17th 2011 Talk- Roe Yates "The Impact of the E.G"

Development of my work through art, ceramics to embroidery

December 15th 2011 Mini Workshop- Christmas Decorations

Kits will be provided but bring simple sewing equipment

January 19th 2012 Mini workshop- Gill Green "A box of tricks"

Fun with paper folding

February 16th 2012 Talk- Mary Sleigh "African Textiles and Beadwork"

The influence of the people and art of S Africa on her work.

March 15th 2012 Mini Workshop- Jane Davies "Sumptuous stitches"

Discover new stitches or experiment with old favourites as an introduction to the hand embroidery workshop on 11 April.

April 19th 2012 Talk- Linda Westerman "Cotswold Images"

An exploration of landscape using different techniques.

May 17th 2012 Talk- Kumi Middleton

An inventive and orginal designer who produces items from a diverse sources.

June 21st 2012 Talk & demonstration- Kathleen Laurel Sage "Stitching on Plastic"

Creative use of plastic and both new and old techniques.

July 19th 2012 Mini Workshop Bring basic sewing equipment

August 16th 2012

An evening of stitching and chatting plus pot luck supper. Bring basic sewing equipment.