National Day of Stitch 2015 and our Fantastic Felt Fish

National Day of Stitch - Saturday 1 August 2015 and our Fantastic Felt Fish

We had a stall on Chesterfield Market. We displayed the felt fish that we had made previously and had prepared puffer fish kits. If someone started a fish on the market, they could take the fish home to complete.Photograph: A typical Puffer Fish made by one of our members before the event.

Ann and Rosemary setting up the stall on a very windy Saturday morning.

This is how Michelle described her afternoon stint on the stall:"It blew up in the afternoon and we did more saving of flying fish, etc than stitching! Everything ended up under various boxes and the cloth was tucked under the table top by my husband James. A neighbour's stall had one of her clothes stands blown over, so some of us helped her rescue her stuff. It also rained on and off. We had some interested people at 1.30 and a number of people turned up at 3.30 so we over ran."

And here are the fish that we made

If you want the pattern for the fish you can find it here