Programme and Workshops 2015

Thursday 22nd January Sit and Sew

Thursday 26th February Ruth Singer - talk "Hidden Histories"

Saturday 21st March Day workshop based on Sticth magazine 90

Thursday 26th March Janet Adams - talk "The Story of the Embroiderers' Guild Collection"

Thursday 23rd April Janis Bennell - workshop "Making a Scandi Hussif"

Saturday 9 May Janet Humphrey. Day workshop "Frosted Landscapes"

Thursday 28th May Clare Kingslake - talk "Hand Applique"

Thursday 18th June Robert Smyth Academy - a chance to see students' textile work

NB, this is the third Thursday of the month

Thursday 23rd July Tess Thompson - workshop "Beaded bracelet"

Thursday 27th August Members outing to Warners Gin and the Tollemarche Arms

Thursday 24th September AGM

Thursday 22nd October Greta Paradine-Palmer - talk "Dressed to Impress" - the ceremonial wear of elephants

Saturday 31st October Day workshop based on "Take one stitch" from Stitch magazine issue 84

Thursday 26th November Workshop led by members