Hilary Bower Workshop

Hilary Bower workshop - 7 March 2015

Hilary Bower came and gave us a talk at our monthly meeting and it was planned that she would run two workshops for us. The first one was very successful but the second was cancelled because of Hilary's ill health.

These are one of our member's comments on the first of the two workshops which concentrated on mark making.

* It was hard work!! I went home really tired!

* There were lots of useful, exploratory exercises that I think I will be able to use in the future to stimulate ideas.

* I discovered that I am much better drawing with my left hand (I'm right-handed) using a piece of charcoal fixed to the end of a long stick, with the piece of paper on the floor, than I am trying to draw `normally'!

* I'm struggling now with starting on the stitching pieces and I'm hoping for guidance from colleagues at the next Stitch Group meeting.

* I rediscovered the importance of good-quality chocolate biscuits on a day-workshop!