Summer School 2013

For your interest - these were the classes which were so successful in 2013.

Elizabethan Stitches

Jacqui Carey Website

Look at the historical context of 16th and 17th century embroidery and its stitches and design sources. Learn how to recreate them in today’s threads in a sampler, sweet bag or purse.

Modelled on the Past

Liz Welch Website and Blog

Using friendly plastic to work in three dimensions, and experimenting with moulding and constructing techniques, add stitch and be amazed at the light airy structures and vessels that can be made.

Melting and Burning

Yvonne Brown Website

Using medieval tiles or your own source material as a starting point,

interpret designs in fabric and stitch.

Cut and distress fibres to create unusual surfaces and sculptural effects. Stitch with machine or by hand.