We will be creating our own future from scratch.

A part of the success of the group will depend on people joining and also on attracting new members which means showcasing what we do.

Thanks to you lovely members we will already have exhibitions at the new Museum of Making and also at The Royal Derby Hospital which will help.

A new group needs a new project and so we have been thinking and have come up with the title . . . . .


The shape to be worked on is the hexagon, see diagram on the next page. Which is the actual size we need. Each side is 4.5”. We can then join all the hexagons together to make a "splash". I am hoping we can have all of them finished by September.

So a few ideas:

  • Nature - butterflies/ buds - leaves and flowers/ plants from cracks in walls or pavements/ fish from the sea / mermaids/leaping whales or dolphins/ snails / chicks from eggs /rain from clouds

    • Patterns - dark to light / small to large /sunrise / stars in the night sky / black and white patterns to colour.

    • It’s also worth thinking about the silk museum “emerging “ into the Museum ofMaking perhaps it’s worth using some silk thread or fabric in the hexagon to tie inwith the museums history

    • Feel free to hand stitch/ machine stitch/ felt / quilt/ any medium. Use anything from threads to beads to bottle tops or cotton buds! We are aiming to show creativity and diversity.

    • Those are just a few ideas to get the juices flowing but I know you will think of more. I hope you will all join in.

    • We will have an amazing collection of work to showcase our branch, circles, African Patterns and the hexagons. Time to hunt out venues and get ready to shine.

Please see the template below and allow a half inch seam so that the finished piece can be mounted at a later date when we put the project together. Alternatively there are a number of Youtube videos on how to create hexagons.

  • Eve